My name is Sherrie Ortiz. I previously owned Sherrie's Cake Magic. With 34 years in the industry and the last 14 in my home-based business. Being able to work from home was a huge blessing when the kids were young. 

The travel tour business has been on my mind for many years. When I first considered getting out of retail cake, this was second runner up. Having young children made it more important to work from home with the bonus of still doing what I love. While I love what I do, it’s time for a change.

I have always loved planning trips. Family vacations and Girl Scout outings….. the logistics, the hunt for cool stuff to do.. …all those things are exciting to me. I enjoy a good gathering of people that just want to relax and have fun. To tour localish places and learn how things from the past and new things to engage in is all very refreshing.  I am also a bit of a thrill seeker. I love to go zip lining, rappel, and snow tubing. (tours I hope to do in the future if you are game ?!?! ) You can see more about me on the blog and FB. 

So, this is what I'm going to go do. I hope you will come join me on these new adventures. I’m super excited to meet all of you.....on the bus!


Sherrie Ortiz-Owner