Meet Sherrie Ortiz, founder of Just One Day Tours!

sherrie ortiz

The day tour travel business has been on my mind for many years. I had an amazing career in the bakery industry working as a retail cake designer for 20 years, followed by 18 years owning my own bakery. This gave me the best of both worlds while our kids were young. Now they are adults and out on their own paths and I am free to create this new adventure called Just One Day Travel Tours.

I have always loved planning trips. Family vacations and Girl Scout outings….. the logistics, the hunt for cool stuff to do.. …all those things are exciting to me. I enjoyed a good gathering of people that just wanted to relax and have fun. To tour local-ish places and learn how things from the past and new things to engage in is all very refreshing.  I am also a bit of a thrill seeker. I love to go zip lining, rappel, and snow tubing……tours I plan to do in the future if you are game ?!?! ) You can see more about me, Sherrie Ortiz, in the blog adventures, Facebook and Instagram?

I hope you will come join Just One Day Travel Tours for these new adventures.. There will be a number of pre-planned travel trips in the Kansas City and surrounding areas that you and your friends can join as a group, or come by yourself and meet new people. If there is something that you and your friends have always wanted to do, but don’t want to do the planning and driving, I can put together a trip just for you. You can also join the Affiliate Program and earn free seats.