Convention Tours

At a convention with spare time on your hands Just One Day Travel Tours will let you be a tourist in new city. Convention tours can be easily arranged and you and a group of your fellow conventioneers can spend some free time adventuring in nearby Kansas City sites. 

You know you want to do it! You want to walk away from it all for Just One Day. Get out of town, away from the convention and go someplace fun. Our family has always been one to get out and about. However, I have to admit when I started researching more for this day travel business idea, I was amazed at how much there is to do in our region. Region being, Kansas City Missouri AND Kansas, Topeka Kansas, St. Joseph MO, Weston MO, Lawrence, KS and Atchison KS and Independence MO.

What would it feel like to be a tourist in a new city for just one day? How about something more than doing it yourself? More as in everything is taken care of for you. No maps and directions to follow, no meal plan stress and who wants what for lunch or dinner, destinations that are engaging, entertaining or even adventurous.

Sure, I’ll ask you questions about your groups interest. What would you like to see in the day?  Food requirements and such. What level of activity would you like for Just One Day. Even your budget. Did I say everything is fully curated and staffed with 2 directors every time? It is ALL covered.

Being a tourist during convention down time can open your eyes to the amazing things and places we have right around us. Just One Day out can help you reconnect with your tribe and leave you refreshed and ready to conquer the next challenge in life.
Discovery calls are always easy and you can become an affiliate to get your seat for free!

Just One Day Travel Tours is more than a travel tour guide. We want to provide opportunities for experiences that are both engaging and empowering. We want to encourage you to get outside your comfort zone and try something new.

SO I ask you, what is a  new experience  for you? For some it may be releasing control of the day and letting others take care of you… and relaxing. Gasp… really relaxing? YES! Really relaxing.

Maybe your experience is to try something with a bit more thrill. How about ax throwing? Or go bigger with a tree top adventure OR some zip lining. All of these are arranged with true professionals in their respective fields. Every safety measure is in place and are in encouraging and safe spaces.

How would you feel after conquering your fears and going Zip Lining with us? Trust us, your face will be sore… from smiling all day long.

What is holding you back?

Bartle Hall Convention Center, Kansas City, MO