Town of Kansas Bridge, City Market and Crossroads

Let’s go on an adventure starting where Kansas City made it’s start! 

Starting at the Town Of Kansas Bridge we will explore what life was like when Kansas City first started. Wandering through the City Market to learn about fur traders, gangsters, brothels and more. Extending out with the street car to see the Kansas City Library and it’s secrets, fountains along the way and into the Crossroads area for some mural sight seeing. 

Secure your tickets now for just $38.00 per person.  (Minimum 3 people) Any walking tour can be a private tour with 4 people. Pick your own date!

Special day Friday July 5th is the First Friday at the cross roads. There is a tour that starts at 3:00pm and ends in the crossroads at 5:00 just in time for the night events.