These two museum locations could not be more different. This will be an interesting day!

We will start off with the Glore Psychiatric Museum, this is what you will see as well as several new additions to the museum.

  • The award-winning Glore Psychiatric Museum chronicles the 145-year history of the state hospital and centuries of mental health treatment. It is located on the adjoining grounds of the original state hospital.

  • Surgical tools, treatment equipment, furnishings, nurse uniforms, personal notes, and other items from the hospital are on display.

  • Fascinating artwork from hospital patients will give you a glimpse into the minds of those who suffered with mental illness.

  • The embroidered words of a mute schizophrenic speak volumes.

  • Pottery, paintings, drawings, and other artwork on display gave patients both therapy and an outlet to express their pain, joy, and hopes.

The second half of the day we will travel to the Albrecht-Kemper Museum. This is a very elegant museum covering a wide range of art and interest. We will start here  for lunch in the lovely cafe followed by a guided tour and time to roam on your own.

About: The Albrecht-Kemper serves as a cultural arts center for Northwest Missouri. The Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art has one of the finest collections of 18th- through 21st-century American art in the Midwest region.