Is your convention or conference coming to Kansas City?

You have you found the perfect convention location in Kansas City for your annual conference, congratulations! Kansas City is an amazing location with a great collection of attractions to see from The Nelson Art Museum, Plaza Fountains, Modern Art, National WWI Museum, Negro League Baseball Museum, Toy and Miniature Museum, Union Station and of course the BEST Micro Breweries and BBQ ever!

Now all the rest of the convention planning begins. Are you in the process of booking all the rest of the amenities?  Hotels, airfare, travel details, catering and more? Large or small, convention events have a lot of moving parts, well run events make it look easy, but as event planners we know it is not.  What if there was one thing that can be removed from your plate?

Just One Day Travel Tours can do that for you. One quick planning conversation to gather ideas of what the conventioneers would be interested in, from Quilters, Physicians, Mechanics, IT, Teachers and more we have the locations they would love to see.  We will work with your schedule so no one misses any meetings. We can present you with several options to choose from with several price points depending on the day tour plans. Once decided upon a special code can be provided to the conventioneers to order tour tickets through the Just One Day Travel Tours web site. We take care of the rest of the communications for those that sign up to attend.

If you are a convention organizer, we would be thrilled to partner with you to enhance your event by offering day tours of Kansas City to your attendees and or their spouses. Discovery calls are always available. We look forward to working with you.