Let’s talk about it. Getting away for Just One Day…

Did you know 60% of the US population does not take a vacation each year? The moderate cost for a vacation for 7 days can be about $3,000.00 with airfare and hotels. That averages about to $428.00 a day, and that’s a moderate cost.

What if you could have a full day’s experience for about $150.00- all-in? Food, tickets, transportation and a staff to take care of whatever you need. One day to kick back and just enjoy. It really can go a long way to clearing the mind.

This is the business model and the goals for my business.

To get people to take a day away. Step outside the box and try something new. To meet new people or hang out with long lost friends. For wedding parties to have a fun time showing off KC to the guest in town for the wedding and or combining it with a wine tour. Maybe your church group would like to get out of town and see a new theater production in Lawrence, KS.

P.S. There are so many options available. I would love to have a chat and explore what that looks like to you. If you have a group making decisions, I can come meet you or we can zoom chat, too.