Ready-to-Go Tours with Thomas Hart Benton

Did you know that Kansas City was once home to the famous painter Thomas Hart Benton? Benton lived in Kansas City from 1935 until his death in 1975. His home is now a Historical Site. This is the first stop on our Ready-to-Go tour.

When we arrive at the Benton House on Belleview Street, you’ll see the two-and-a-half story house built of limestone. Within the house, you’ll find treasures like his studios. The studio is left, just the way he had it with paint jars, painters’ tools, canvas’ and so much more to discover. You’ll walk upstairs and expect to see Thomas right around the corner! 

You’ll see some of the books Benton illustrated and see the harmonica he played…plus, you’ll learn about some of the famous visitors to his house from writers and architects to poets and political leaders. Did you know that when he was commissioned to do a mural for the Truman Library, they allowed him to develop a friendship with the former President!

Once you’ve had your fill of the Benton House, we’ll zoom on over to the next stop of the Ready-to-Go Tour at the Nelson Museum. We’ll have lunch at Thou-Mayest, and enjoy a special lunch made just for us. And you won’t want to miss a cup of their fresh coffee and baked goods!

Once your appetite is pleased, we’ll view a special selection highlighting Thomas Hart Benton’s work. And that will wrap up our Ready-to-Go Tour of Thomas Hart Benton. 

This is just one of the Ready-to-Go tours we provide. If you enjoyed the Benton Tour, we know you’ll love the next one. Come join us on your next single day tour; will it be to the Kemper Contemporary Museum of Art or Walt Disney’s Hometown or perhaps we will go zip lining and go find our marbles at Moon Marble company!

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