Top 3 Reasons To Take A Single Day Adventure

Happiness hormones are activated by getting out of the house, they can make one feel better, escape anxiety, and  claustrophobia. Activating the happiness hormones, that’s what we do with our single day adventures. It’s one of the top reasons to go on a single day adventure, plus it allows us to avoid boring moments and other things that are not good for our happiness. Let’s discover the top 3 reasons to take a single day adventure.

  1. It gets you moving. Doctors say that you should make time for 30 minutes of movement per day and the best movement is walking. What better way to spend time walking is going on a single day adventure to the Plaza and enjoy the fountains and statues.
  2. Spend time with friends. Grab a friend or two and go on a single day adventure to St. Joseph and see the Patee House and Glore Psychiatric Museum. Learning something new is always better when you have a friend to learn with you.
  3. Enjoy the beautiful things in life. One of our favorite single day adventures is going to the Topeka State Capital and seeing all the new architecture and then exploring the grounds around it at the Mulvane Art Museum.

Culture. Art. Fresh air. Some of the best reasons to go on a single day adventure to boost your happiness hormones.

We have several ready to go single day adventures all planned. Or if you want to try something different, just give us a call and we can plan a day just for you based on your likes and adventure level. Come join us on your next single day tour; will it be to the Plaza Fountain and Statue Walking Tour or St. Joe Missouri, Patee House and Glore Psychiatric Museum or perhaps we will go to the Topeka State Captial and go exploring at the Mulvane Art Museum!