Top 3 Things to Do In A Day in Kansas City

In a day in Kansas City, there are a number of sites to see. Anything from fun outdoor activities to museums to wine tastings to historic sites and even axe throwing.  

Our first tour is going to the Kemper Contemporary Museum of Art. This museum has many new exhibits throughout the year; allowing you to visit several times and always see something new. Once we tour around the museum, we will walk to the Plaza and have a fountain history tour along the way. We will finish a day in Kansas City with a stop at the Toy and Miniature Museum.

Our second tour takes us out to nature and has us looking for our marbles! We start with a world-famous tour of Moon Marble. We will tour around the shop and view the many collections of classic games, toys and marbles. You’ll even get a tube of your own marbles as a treat! After some heavy snacks and drinks, we would head over to the zip line course were we will get to participate in the ninja obstacles and a five-tower zip line course…and a spectacular lunch of Kansas City’s favorite BBQ ends our day in Kansas City!

The final tour takes us to Roasterie Coffee where we tour this amazing facility and enjoy some of their delicious pastries and coffees. Then we head over to Christopher Elbow’s famous chocolate factory. We’ll see the production line and try some samples and you can even take some home with you! We finish a day in Kansas City at the TWA museum. We’ll learn some amazing facts about air travel, flight attendants and lots of planes to see along the way.

These are just a few of our tours in a day in Kansas City. We have several ready to go single day adventures all planned. Or if you want to try something different, just give us a call and we can plan a day just for you based on your likes and adventure level. Come join us on your next single day tour; will it be to the Plaza Fountain and Statue Walking Tour or St. Joe Missouri, Patee House and Glore Psychiatric Museum or perhaps we will go to the Topeka State Capital and go exploring at the Mulvane Art Museum!