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Below you'll find a list conventions and private tours that have booked specific events with us. Please make sure to look for your convention or group in the name of the tour. We've clearly identified them, so you know which tour(s) are available to your group.

You MAY have a special Convention Tour Code, this is required to make any bookings. If you were not given a code, you can just register as normal. 

Truman Library

Nations League Of Cities

NLC Private Tour-Truman Library date: Nov.16, Wed. 8:45am-2:00pm

Harry S. Truman: An Ordinary Man and his Extraordinary Journey…. 

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National Leagues Of Cities- Hallmark 11-16-22

NLC Private Tour Hallmark Visitors Center Date Wed Nov 16th 1:30- 4:30

Discover Hallmark’s Visitors Center…. 

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Jazz Museum KC

National League Of Cities

NLC Private Tour Baseball And Jazz Museums Nov 17, Thurs, 9:30am-12:30

Travel with us to the 18th and Vine District where Baseball And Jazz meet…  

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