Start the day with a newest exhibit at Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art…A guided tour with free time will be offered. 

Museum description: In Blood, Sweat, and Tears, artist Summer Wheat’s vibrantly colored paintings depict a community of heroic females doing the “heavy lifting and running things.” Using an inventive process of pushing paint through aluminum mesh, Wheat’s large-scale paintings resemble medieval tapestries showing female figures as hunters, fishers, and beekeepers. These women rewrite historical imagery through themes such as labor, discovery, and expressions of joy where traditionally only men were present.

Lunch will be held in downtown Kansas City, followed with a tour of a local distillery. (locations depends on number of attendants) Distillery tour will include a drink for starters with samples too and time to hang out. 

Pick up location dependent on the group location. We will meet you. 

Activity Level:

This tour is moderate in activity level. Access for scooters and wheel chairs are dependent on the bus reserved. Please call ahead for more info.