St Joe. Missouri. Patee House & Glore Phyc. Museum, $125.00

Step back in time to see all the history displayed at the Patee House, includes The Buffalo Saloon, 1940’s original carousel and the Jesse James House.

Lunch at a local hot spot followed by a trip through Glore Psychiatric Museum where you can see some of the earliest form of psychiatric treatments. It is a fascinating trip through some well-preserved medical history. Also featured are many new additions of the Black Archives and Native American Galleries and The Doll Museum.

Full day of fun and exploration. $125.00 covers everything for thing.

Patee House

Carousel at the Patee House St. Joe Mo.

Activity Level:

This tour has quite a bit of walking. It is however all accessible. Bus size will determine space for storing scooters or wheelchair access. Please call with considerations before placing your order. 

Departure time: 8:00 am. Groups scheduling this tour will determine the pick up location. We will come to you! 

Just One Day Tours. Glore Museum