NLC Private Tour-Truman Library date: Nov.16, Wed. 8:45am-2:00pm

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Convention: Nations League Of Cities

Tour Date: 11/16/2022

Cost: $ 63.00

The new permanent exhibit, “Harry S. Truman: An Ordinary Man, His Extraordinary Journey” expands appreciation of this Midwestern farm boy who never went to college, his remarkable rise and enduring character. Through the biography and achievements of Harry Truman, future generations will come to understand both the possibilities and the responsibilities of American citizenship.

The days adventure: We will meet at the pickup location : 1500 Lobby in the Convention Center.  at 8:45 and leave at 9:00 am and travel to the Truman Library for a guided tour. You will have plenty of time to explore more on your own as well. The tour is followed by lunch for BBQ of course, and return to the hotel by 2:00 

Please make a note in the comments if you have food allergies or any other special needs.


Truman Library, Oval office

Truman Library