What To Do In Your Spare Time At Conventions?

When you travel, you want to see things in the cities you visit that you cannot necessarily see at home. This includes when you travel for conventions. What do you do in your spare time at conventions? Go out see the sights. Go for a walk and see the city. Learn one thing new about the city you are visiting. It doesn’t have to be big. It can be a small thing. But it just has to be one new thing.

In Kanas City, there are many little things to see in your spare time at the conventions. You can go for a walk on the Country Club Plaza and see the fountains and statues. Check out the amazing home of Thomas Hart Benton. Drink some of the best coffee in town at Roasterie, chocolate from Christopher Elbow’s and visit the TWA museum.

A few more things to do in your spare time at the convention is discover Hallmark’s amazing collection and history at their visitor’s center. Plus watch a movie and make a bow; all from the same location. Travel to the newest exhibit at Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. There’s so much to see inside Kemper Museum! But don’t forget the outside too. Walking around the grounds alone gives you visuals of some great pieces of art. So many to choose, you won’t have just one favorite, you’ll have many!

The next time you are in Kansas City and wondering what to do with your spare time at the convention just know we have several ready to go single day adventures all planned. Or if you want to try something different, just give us a call and we can plan a day just for you and a group of your fellow conventioneers based on your likes and adventure level. Come join us on your next single day tour; will it be to the Topeka Mulvan History Museum or perhaps we will go to the Combat Air Museum and go exploring at the Glore Psychiatric Museum!

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