Why would you need a tour guide?

Let me tell you a story. A few years back we had the opportunity for a family vacation and the focus of the trip was Havasu Falls. Reservations just to attend are about a year long. So, we planned. I decided I wanted this to be the FULL experience. I didn’t want to miss anything and I wanted it to be more than one day. After much hunting we booked a tour guide group that does it all. Really in the end it was not as expensive as compared to doing it myself. …. But that was the point, I’d have to do it ALL myself. I also would not have any recourse if things did not play out the way I planned.

Side note: there was two young girls that did not do the research. They hiked 6 hours down into the area only to be turned away and had to hike the 6 hours back out because they did not have the permit necessary to stay. They were not well prepared.

The tour guides were two fun loving young men that lived for this job. The tour company made all the arrangements for meeting, hotel the first night, storing the extra gear we had for the other part of our trip. They had the equipment and food supplies all brought in. Tents, Sleeping bags, food-even the gluten free for myself and our daughter. Even better, they cooked ALL the meals for 5 full days. We had daily hikes to different parts of the Havasu Nation. Time to sit and relax or swim under the falls. Words cannot even touch the bliss of this trip. Great company with about 15 other people and our family of 4. Not too big, not too small.

At the end of the event my husband and I opted to ride out on horseback. (Arranged by our tour guides of course) We were turned over the one of the Havasu tribesmen and he guided 3 of us out. Our 2 kids opted to hike out with the rest of the group. (They were young adults at this time and capable of keeping with the group) The horseback ride out was just as enjoyable as the whole event. The chance to talk with someone from the Havasu Indian Nation and hear about their lives. Including the good and the bad gave me a much greater appreciation for them and all they do.

So, all of this is to make a point. Spend the money on experiences! While I don’t take you to distant lands, I can guarantee you that you will be spoiled all day long. Just one day tour will make a difference in your outlook on life, offer a break in the routine that will leave you refreshed and ready to tackle that next big thing.

Discovery calls are always available. I look forward to chatting with you and learning about your group.  Tour ideas are available here: https://justonedaytraveltours.com/tour_categories/ready-to-go-tours/

The tour Company we used is : https://wildlandtrekking.com/

I am also a travel agent and would be happy to help set up your next grand adventure to your dream vacation! 

Havasu FallsHill climb at Havasu Falls