City Market History & Foodie Tour

Kansas City Market History

Learn about the discovery expedition in 1804 where Lewis and Clark camped at Kaw Point just up river. From French fur traders, settlers, Pendergast, Jazz, and much more the history of the area is sure to please.

1st stop- Chose your Beer Flight at River Bluff Brewing. Enjoy a wide variety from three different eateries and top it all off at Betty Ray’s Ice Cream.

Vegan and gluten free options and non-alcohol drinks can be made at most of the locations. Each location will have several different items to share. We will have grab and go food with outdoor seating.

All food samples, beer flight and regular drinks along the way are included. Additional alcohol is available for separate purchase. Priced at $95.00 pp for a group of 6. Minimum of 4 required to hold the tour. Gather your friends and lets GO!

Private tours available for 4 or more, call to schedule