Where are the pick up locations?

One of the goals for Just One Day Travel Tours is to not spend an excessive amount of time collecting people from random areas. Initially the pick up location will be in Grandview Mo. as it is most central to Kansas City, Overland Park, and Lee’s Summit and surrounding areas. 

If you have a group of people (10 or so) that want to travel together I can arrange to have a separate pick up location as long as it’s in the general direction that the chosen event we are going to. Larger Ubers can be arranged for 5-6 if you would like as well. The Uber could meet you closer to your area and bring you to the bus. There would be an additional cost to that group if it is some distance away. 

If you are located in a independent living facility and would like to make a connection please give me a call and I can work with the community director to set up events. I am willing to come visit your group, bring treats, and chat with you about places I offer and see what would interest the group. 

As the spring season comes around there will be more pick up locations when we head out of town.

Just One Day Travel Tours is very much a community minded business. If you tell me your desires, locations and ideas, I’ll do my best to accommodate them.

What are the meal choices?

The buses hold 25 to 56 people so feeding a large group requires some advance planning. Some tours will be buffet style, others will have 3-4 plates to choose from in route or in advance. Gluten free options will always be available, but must be ordered in advance.

Other diets considerations will vary with locations. We’ll do everything we can for accommodations.

What about the bus?

Busses are luxury motor coach with plenty of leg room, PA system for communications, bathroom on the full-size bus. Smaller buses will have bathroom stops built in.

Is this just for seniors?

The goal of Just One Day Travel Tours is to offer trips with a wide range of interest. Themed events ranging from beer and wine tours, ghost tours, museums and much more for you to pick from, including multiply price points so everyone can join in the fun.

What if I can’t make the trip? Cancellations due to weather or other altering events:

Similar to buying a concert ticket there are no refunds if you miss the tour. However, transfers can be made up to one day before a trip WITH notification.  Specific info for the new traveler will be needed at that time as well. Please do not just send a replacement without notification they will not be allowed to attend.

Weather concerns: most tours will be a rain or shine event. If it happens to be an outdoor event, bring a rain coat. 

If a tour is canceled due to a major disruption, extreme weather etc., then a voucher will be offered. 

Do you take suggestions?

Absolutely! If you have a destination or event that you would like to see offered, I am happy to add it to the list. Chances are if you like it others will too.

If you have a group of 10-15 that would like to take a trip, you can save some cost by sharing the trip with others. Example: you have 12 that want to tour xyz. I can build that tour, take your order and then fill the leftover seats by sharing the trip on the web site. Saves you money, others join in and we all have a great time. I can also create a custom quote for that group of 10-15 and design a tour just for you!  You may be surprised that it cost less than what you think, AND it will be a personally guided event. 

How do I choose a tour based on my abilities?

Certain tours require more physical activity than others. Some sites visited have limited motor coach access. Travelers should be in reasonably good health.

Just One Day Travel Tours has a goal of offering many different trip experiences for every age level,19-100, (some special family themed event swill be offered from time to time-no infants at any time) each tour will have specific information about the physical levels needed. Info will be provided about the distances to walk, access for walkers or scooters, and how active the day is or is not.

Just One Day Travel tours LLC. requires that persons requiring assistance be accompanied by a companion who is capable of and totally responsible for providing the assistance. Please take this into consideration if you are purchasing an event for a loved one as well. Mental ability is also just as important.

What other cost will I need to pay:

I like to keep the pricing easy. All tickets will cover the events, meals, taxes, tips (20%) for drivers, and wait staff and the bus. Some events will cost more because the tickets are higher. If there is a staff member that went above and beyond for you and you feel the desire to tip them, then that is acceptable. There is no expectation to do so.

I will also add that there are a couple locations that lunch could be on your own due to the size of the town. Some tours may even have catered box lunches for ease of operation.  All details will be spelled out if that is the case.

2024 update: In an effort to provide lesser cost for a tour some lunch on your own plans may be part of the process. Partly because not everyone wants a full meal. 

Now that your not in the baking industry, do you share your favorite recipe?

Well….. don’t tell anyone….. this is my best hack. Shhhhhh 🙂 Being a professional baker for 35+ years I have that experience. This trick takes it to the next level using a …dare I say it… box mix. gasp! Honestly you would be amazed at how this turns out. Try it and let me know what you think. 

It’s not about the ingredients, it is the mix method and maybe a bit less water. SO, pick your brand of cake mix. (not the cheaper knock off’s though— this will not work with strawberry cake mix) Add to the bowl the eggs and oil as called for…. then add  4 Table spoons of sour cream and a Teaspoon of almond extract. Add the cake mix and blend on slow, scrape the sides and blend some more. Keep mixing till the batter becomes smooth and shinny looking. THAT is the key. Now add the water. It should be similar to pancake batter. Too thin makes for poor texture. Less water is ok. Fill the pan size of choice to just barely over half full. Bake slow and low at 325 till done. TADA! That’s it! 35 years of baking boiled down to 2 paragraphs. Enjoy, and let me know how that turns out. 

What do I bring along with me?

Most importantly dress for the weather. A reusable water bottle would be great.  If you wish to bring small tote with some essentials, that is a good plan. Anything you would need for the day is what you should pack.

Can I conceal carry?

All of the bus companies have a no weapon policy. Keep in mind some of the tours are Govt. facilities where bags will be checked. There is no storage available.

Service animals?

Service animals are permitted on the bus, please let us know in advance so we can make the proper accommodations. 

What is high adventure?

These trips are designed for the more active adult 21 and up.

Want a full day out snow tubing and stop at a winery on the way home? Sure!

Combine the day with hiking and a farm to table meal? Absolutely!

Want to try something new but need a bit of encouragement from 45 of your new best mates? Maybe zip line tours are you game.

If this excites you, I’m in!

If you are interested, email me a whoot! Whoot! So I can get it on the schedule. The more interest shown the quicker it will be scheduled.

What about children?

All regular trips are no children of any age. Tours are meant to be an adult day out. Many of the themes may not be in their best interest, there may be drinking etc.

From time to time there will be family themed trips that children are allowed to attend. However, they will need to be over 10 years old. Please consider carefully if it’s the right fit for your child. They will be required to wear the seat belt at all times and must be with you at all times. Staff will have a conversation with parents if a child is too disruptive. 

If you have a group that would like to have a special tour that includes ages 8 and up I would be HAPPY to set up a specific day out. This would be a minimum of 12 passengers and can be tailored to your needs. Home School events would be a blast to do. Want to do an agri-tour and not have to caravan out with 25 kids? I can make that happen with all the food, snacks and things needed for that event. 

Need more answers? Please email me at justonedaytours@gmail.com