Just One Day Tours

Just one day tours can feed your soul. It does not matter if you travel 2000 miles from home or just one day from home, the benefits of travel are just as good for you.

Sure, we all dream of getting away to someplace tropical and very beach worthy, but why not take just one day out of your busy lives and enjoy a tour? Put down the map, the social media and get out there. Just One Day Travel Tours has all the events you love and more. Destinations where all you have to do is sign up for fun and enjoy the ride. Just one day tour that is fully prepared for you.

Here is a great idea for a one-day tour, Marceline Mo.!! Did you know it is the location of Walt Disney's boyhood home? While born in Chicago Walt and his family moved to Marceline in 1906 when he was four. In 1911 the family moved to Kansas City. Disney always said the time he spent in that small town were some of the happiest days of his life and formed the basis for his future projects. The museum houses a unique collection of the Disney family effects that are not able to be viewed anywhere else in the world.

Don’t forget the trains too! The Disney museum is housed in a beautifully restored 1913 Santa Fe Railway Station. Roughly 70 trains still pass this site every day. You can watch them from the bridge.

You can see more details for this day out on the Ready-To-Go Tours page.

We hope you take some time to enjoy Just One Day Tours, after all a Single Day Adventure out is good for the soul.

Just One Day Travel Tours