Are you thinking about zip lining in Kansas City? Let me tell you, it is AMAZING! The wind in your hair. Flying through the air like a bird and seeing the beautiful landscape. It’s such a great feeling. When people talk about zip lining, they usually think of exotic places like Hawaii or Bali or somewhere just as cool. But did you know that Kansas City has their own zip lining companies? They do, and it’s just on the outskirts of town or a 20-minute drive from downtown.

We’ll start with the basics.  You’ll want to bring tennis shoes or hiking shoes because you’ll be walking and plus, you’ll want to stay comfortable. Grab sunscreen, some of the tour is in the shade, but you’ll want it for the areas that are not covered. And bug spray just in case.

Once you are there, you’ll check in and they will weight you. It’s not a big deal and they don’t shout the numbers out to embarrass you. But you do need to weight between 70 and 275 pounds. This is a strict rule. No one wants to get hurt and for safety reasons the zip lines can only carry so much.

After you get checked in, you can walk around the grounds until it’s your turn. Zip lining in Kansas City is a beautiful wooded area and there’s fun stuff to do while you wait.

Now when it’s your turn, the zip lining guides will walk you through all the safety precautions and fit you with the equipment you’ll need. The harnesses need to be comfortable, and yes they will be snug, but you need to be safe. Once, you’re fitted and ready to go, you’ll walk to your first tower and begin your zip lining experience.

As you zip from tower to tower, you’ll see the beautiful Kanas River, trees galore and you’ll feel like a bird flying through the air at 50 MPH.

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