You won’t need a time machine for this single day adventure, but you will step back in time. This single day adventure goes to the Patee House in St. Joe Missouri. This luxury hotel was built in 1858 by John Patee. The Patee House served as the last stop of “civility” as travelers made their way to the western territories. Over the years it served as the headquarters for the Pony Express, the Provost Marshal’s office during the civil war, a female college and even a garment factory.

Another stop on this single day adventure is the Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joe, Missouri. This is one of my favorites! It is recognized as “one of the 50 most unusual museums in the country” as it boasts Glore Psychiatric Museum chronicles of the 145-year history of the hospital and the progression of mental health treatment. You’ll see unusual surgical tools, treatment equipment, uniforms, personal notes and artwork and pottery from patients. The Glore Psychiatric Museum was once home to 250 patients looking to revive hope in the human heart and dispelling the portentous clouds that penetrate the intellects of minds diseased.

This single day adventure to St. Joe, Missouri to the Patee House and the Glore Psychiatric Museum is quite a bit of walking. Be sure to bring your walking shoes and adventure as we travel back in time to see these amazing pieces of history. We have several ready to go single day adventures all planned. If you want to try something different, just give us a call and we can plan a day just for you based on your likes and adventure level. Come join us on your next single day tour; will it be to the Kemper Contemporary Museum of Art or Walt Disney’s Hometown or perhaps we will go to ziplining or find our Marbles at Moon Marble Company