COVID 19 and waiting to travel.

(Stick with me this one may be long.)

We are all in this together. The common phrase that is heard several times through the day. On one hand we know we are all part of the bigger picture, but being socially isolated makes it feel like that is not the case.

I think we have all become more socially aware in the sense of realizing we all have our struggles. We all have things that have happened to us that created the person that we have become today and we are forever evolving. I know I am not the same woman I was 10, 20 or 30 years ago.  We are all grieving on some level at all times. Grief is not just the loss of a loved one. It’s the wedding or graduations that are pushed off or canceled, the business placed on hold, and jobs hanging in the balance.

That person standing 6 feet away from you may have had some major struggles or trauma in life, may be at risk of losing so much. Those are the ones hoarding the toilet paper. The ones that have seemingly no control over other parts of their lives, so they do the one thing they think will help in this moment. If you are one of those, please seek help. There is so much assistance available, there is no shame in asking for a hand up.

For me, I am happy to have my adult children home and safe. For my business:  I miss the networking, traveling to scout out the locations, learning the history of those places, the hustle of business, getting to know more people. The thrill of chasing the career 2.0! Big changes and lots of excitement and anticipation. The world as we know it may not be the same ever again, but that does not mean it will be bad. I prefer to see the positive things that are going on. That is not to say that any of this is taken lightly, but look out the window. Families are out walking now more than ever. The family and friend time together sharing online conversations with zoom meetings and such to stay connected. People learning how to have more self-care, addressing the issues of anxiety, creating a healthier life style.

Hope for the future is the most important thing for all of us now and looking forward.  Eventually this will all be over. Yes, we will have to rebuild. Yes, it will take time.  My hope is that we won’t forget the things we have learned during this crisis and we will have more compassion for that person standing 3 feet from us.

My plan is that when we do get to go out and enjoy and day of travel that the conversation with that person across the aisle is about more than just the weather. Sometimes a real conversation is more than just a conversation. Maybe it’s a chance to make a difference in one person’s world. Just for one day.

So, when this is over, I’ll be here, waiting to travel with you.


In the mean time browse the tour inspirations and make some future plans. This will be over eventually.