If you have not seen the about me page that would be a good place to start this story.

My name is Sherrie Ortiz. Many of you may already know me from my first business, Sherrie’s Cake Magic. I have been making cake for over 34 years, with the last 14 in my home-based business. Being able to work from home with our two kids was a wonderful blessing. Now the “kids” are 21 and 23 and well on their way to their own careers.

The travel tour business has been on my mind for many years. When I first considered getting out of retail cake, this was second runner up. Having young children made it more important to work from home with the bonus of still doing what I love. While I love what I do, it’s time for a change.

I have always loved planning trips. Family vacations and Girl Scout outings….. the logistics, the hunt for cool stuff to do.. …all those things are exciting to me.

So, this is what I’m going to go do. I hope you will come join me on these new adventures. I’m super excited to meet all of you…..on the bus!

As I have journeyed into this business, even though it’s only been a couple months of the really hard work, I’ve found I’m really getting to the heart of why I want to do this. Feedback from everyone had shown me that this really is where I’m meant to be.  Every networking event, every vendor that I’ve begun working with and creating plans with. All the customers that I have met so far ……it all just feel right. I think all anyone really wants in this world is a few moments to relax, meet others, be heard and have a good time.

This is a community driven business. I do want your feedback from all aspects of a trip. Where do you want to go? I really can schedule a specific trip just for your group. I also have plans for philanthropy trips, where we can all get together and do some good with various organizations in need, grab some lunch and then go do something fun to round out the day. This part to me is truly exciting.

See my Q&A page for more info about our tours: https://justonedaytraveltours.com/frequently-asked-questions/